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Readily ​Achievable Barrier ​Removal​​​​ The presenter will provide information on meeting the readily achievable barrier removal PRH requirement (6.14 R8 a-e) that is part of the Disability Program Requirements.  As part of this requirement, centers must create an accessibility plan based on the completion of the Americans with Disabilities Act Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal and Center Accessibility Tool.  This plan should be used as a tool for center s​taff to think about the simple things that can be done to ensure that students with disabilities can access/participate in the program on an equal basis with students without disabilities. This plan is not intended to be used to determine compliance for new construction or facilities being altered and is separate from the center’s facility survey requirement in PRH 5:5.10.  Safety and Facilities maintenance staff are to play a primary role in completing the plan along with mangers in all areas.  The plan should be updated annually by 6/30. Centers will be provided with a sample accessibility plan.