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R1. Disa​bi​​lity Coord​in​at​or—ePRH 6.14, R1 (a, b)

Job Corps Resources:​​

R2. Applic​ant File Review ProcessePRH 6.14, R2 (a-c); Appendix 107

Job Corps Resources:​​​

R3.​ Reasonable Accommodation Process—ePRH 6.14, R3 (a-c); Appendix 605

Job Corps Resources ​
Effectiveness Reviews
Documenting the Process

R4. Introduction to ​Cen​ter Life—ePRH 6.14, R4 (a-c); ​ePRH 2.2, R1 (b11, d4) ​

Job Corps Resources:​​

​​​​​​R5.CIS Disability Data Collection and Accommodation Plans—ePRH 6.14, R5 (a-f)  ​

Job Corps Resources:​​

R6​. Partnerships/Resources—ePRH 6.14, R6 (a-c)

Job Corps Resources:​​

​​R7. Referral Process—ePRH 6.14, R7 (a, b)

Job Corps Resource:

R8. Barrier Remo​val—ePRH 6.14, R8 (a, b) R9. Staff Training—ePRH 6.14, R9; ePRH 5.3, R3; Exhibit 5-4​​

Job Corps Resources:

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​