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Disability Coordinator Orientation Series: *New/Updated

The Disability Coordinator Orientation Series is now a 4-part Disability Coordinator Orientation webinar series (7 individual webinars). Each part of the webinar series is held live via WebEx several times throughout the year. The individual webinars can be attended in ANY order and routine attendance is strongly encouraged as content is updated on a regular basis.
  • Parts 1a, 1b and 1c–Applicant File Review​: This webinar is comprised of three 60 minute sessions, (1) Policy (2) Process and (3) Maintaining and Managing AFR Tracking. The Policy session reviews the primary policy components of the applicant file review requirements and the Process session is a step by step review of the center applicant file review process. The Maintaining and Managing AFR Tracking session reviews the requirements associated with the management of the Center File Review Tracking Log, the Wellness Tracking L​og and documenting the review of applicant files.
  • Parts 2a and 2b–Disability Accommodation​: This webinar is comprised of two 60 minute sessions, (1) Policy and (2) Process. The Policy session reviews the primary policy components of the disability accommodation requirements to include the responsibility Job Corps has to communicate effectively with people with disabilities and the Process session reviews each component of the disability accommodation process to include the referral process.
  • Part 3Disability Data and Accommodation Plan Entry/Notes: This webinar reviews the CIS data-related components of the Disability Program and discusses related quality control strategies.
  • ​Part 4General Disability and Other Disability Program Requirements: This​ webinar focuses primarily on the remaining disability-related PRH requirements such as CIS Disability Data Collection, Disability Program Introduction, Disability Program Resources/Partnerships, Readily Achievable Barrier Removal, and Disability-Related Staff Training. Resources and tools available to assist Disability Coordinators in meeting disability-related requirements will also be shared.