Critical Incident Crisis Intervention Plan


A disaster or traumatic event impacts everyone on center. Possible disasters include a natural disaster (e.g., a hurricane, earthquake), a death of a student or staff member (e.g., suicide, accidental death), an outbreak of a disease, or a man-made disaster.

When young people experience a disaster, they have special emotional needs that must be addressed by the center community. Some students and staff are particularly at risk for negative effects from a traumatic event. At-risk individuals may include the following:

  • Those who knew the victim(s) well
  • Those who were directly involved in the circumstances surrounding the traumatic event
  • Those who were indirectly involved in the traumatic event
  • Those who have suffered past traumas or may have been considered at-risk individuals before the event

This intervention plan will teach you how to prepare for and respond to a disaster, including a suicide. Download it now!