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From Start to Finish: Completing the Applicant File Review and Reasonable Accommodation Process from Application to Program Completion​ ​Using an interactive case study approach, participants are led through the applicant file review process, enrollment decisions and center reasonable accommodation processes to include accessibility considerations for an individual with a disability who has a service animal.
​Applicant File Review Hot Topics ​The applicant file review process is a complex one that encompasses never-ending scenario configurations and considerations. This webinar reviews and discusses some of the more common areas of challenge encountered in the AFR process: When reasonable accommodation (RA) must be considered, the DC’s Role in AFR, Applicant Appeals, Accommodation Recommendations of Denial (ARD) within AFR and Accessibility Considerations for applicants.​
Applicant File Review Hot Topics # 2 ​The center file review process is a complex one that encompasses never-ending scenario configurations and considerations. This webinar reviews and discusses some of the more common areas of challenge encountered in the center file review process including: The DC’s Role in File Review, TEAP Specialist’s Role in File Review, Dual Clinical Reviews as well as Applicant Appeals.​
Mastering the Center Applicant File Review Process: Increasing Understanding and Improving Efficiency of Applicant File Clinical Review andReasonable Accommodation Processes​

​​Mastering the Center Applicant File Review Process webinar provides a detailed explanation of the steps involved in applicant file review (AFR). It includes both process and clinical review requirements and considerations, from start to finish, along with the use of real center scenarios. This webinar is based on current Policy and Requirement Handbook (PRH) policies that guide the applicant file review process at the center level. Other areas of focus include discussion on how to make appropriate recommendations for enrollment or denial using Appendix 609-Individualized Direct Threat Assessment or Appendix 610- Health Care Needs Assessment. Specific academic, medical, mental health, and substance use examples are presented for review and discussion.

​​​Disability Coordinator Orie​​ntation Part 1: Applicant File Review Process​ ​The center applicant file review process begins the moment an applicant file arrives on center and continues until there is a final disposition on the application. This part 1 of a 3-part webinar series reviews the entire applicant file review process including a review of center and regional applicant file review requirements, forms, direct threat and health-care needs assessment forms.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Applicant File Review and TEAP​​ ​This webinar will review the criteria to be considered a person with a disability if the applicant has a diagnosis of some type of substance use disorder related to their alcohol and/or drug use. We will discuss how to complete the interactive interview process for both a clinical as well as reasonable accommodation perspective. The focus will be on the successful completion of health care needs and direct threat assessments. This webinar is a unique opportunity to hear jointly from TEAP Specialists and Disability Coordinators.​
Maintaining and Managing the Applicant File Tracking Log

The PRH Requires that the Records Department maintain a single log that tracks the applicant file from the time it arrives on center until there is a disposition on the application. This log serves as the center’s tracking history of the applicant file review process. It provides a historical record of who had interaction with the file, the timeline of the file review process, and the final disposition of the application. This is critically important should a discrimination or other type of complaint be filed. This webinar reviews the requirements associated with the maintenance and management of the applicant file review log, offers suggested strategies and tips for efficiently managing the process, and educates on the pitfalls and red flags that can occur within the applicant file review tracking process. A ​sample file review log will be used and available for download during the presentation. Regional Office Center Assessments indicate many centers are struggling to meet PRH requirements related to the tracking of applicant files; therefore, it is recommended that all Records Managers attend this webinar.