​Each center provides a sexual assault prevention and response program that includes prevention activities, a response plan, counseling, treatment, and follow-up care. Additional​ly, centers work closely with local law enforcement when sexual assaults occur.

Sexual Assault Policy

Job Corps policy PRH 5: 5.1, R39 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response requires that each center must:
  • Establish a program for sexual assault prevention, counseling, treatment, and follow-up care.
  • Develop a team response to sexual assault and involve center staff and outside resources.
  • Report sexual assaults:
In addition, sexual assault of a criminal nature is classified as a level 1 infraction, resulting in the student’s separation from Job Corps if the student is found guilty [Exhibit 2-1 Infraction Levels Definitions and Appropriate Center Actions].

Policy & Directives

Information Notices
Program Instruction

Forms & Documents

Technical Assistance Guide Factsheets and Brochures
Web Resources

Includes information on all aspects of relationship aggression, including specific information for young adults.
Provides a basic overview of sexual violence.
Provides articles, publications, data sources, and prevention resources for Teen Dating Violence.
Provides general and scientific information and additional resources.
This guide describes the CDC's public health activities and research to prevent violence against women.
Identifies concepts and strategies that may be used as a foundation for planning, implementing, and evaluating sexual violence prevention activities.
Developed by CDC to provide grantees and partners with access to training and tools that focus on the primary prevention of violence (Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Violence, Suicide, and Youth Violence).
A comprehensive teen dating violence prevention model developed by CDC to stop teen dating violence before it starts. Dating Matters is an evidence-based teen dating violence prevention model that includes prevention strategies for individuals, peers, families, schools, and neighborhoods.
Provides training and web resources.
Provides information on SARTs, developing a SART, innovative practices, and tools.
Leads the national effort to stop domestic violence, sexuals asaults, and stalking of women. 
Supports public and prevention education efforts.
Provides training, consultation, and educational materials.
Provides information about trainings and workshops, calendar of events, and resources.
Provides information and statistics on relationship aggression.
Designs, provides and customizes training and consultation; influences policy, promotes collaboration; and enhances diversity with the goal of ending domestic and sexual violence.
Provides information on public policy, materials/products, news updates, and web resources.
Provides training and assistance for agencies working with survivors of abuse, and has materials and information that assist advocates in supporting survivors. Also, provides information on staying safe from technological stalking and abuse.
A comprehensive and easily accessible online collection of full-text, searchable materials and resources on domestic violence, sexual violence and related issues.
A comprehensive source of information for those wanting to educate themselves and help others on the many issues related to domestic violence.
Operates a national hotline, (800) 656-HOPE, for survivors of sexual assault. Offers free, confidential counseling and support 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the country.
Provides information and materials on violence prevention campaigns.
Provides information on various violence and abuse topics, web resources, and hotlines.