​Each center provides a sexual assault prevention and response program that includes prevention activities, a response plan, counseling, treatment, and follow-up care. Additional​ly, centers work closely with local law enforcement when sexual assaults occur.

Sexual Assault Policy

Job Corps policy PRH 5: 5.1, R39 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response requires that each center must:
  • Establish a program for sexual assault prevention, counseling, treatment, and follow-up care.
  • Develop a team response to sexual assault and involve center staff and outside resources.
  • Report sexual assaults:
In addition, sexual assault of a criminal nature is classified as a level 1 infraction, resulting in the student’s separation from Job Corps if the student is found guilty [Exhibit 2-1 Infraction Levels Definitions and Appropriate Center Actions].​

Job Corps Policy

Forms & Documents

Technical Assistance Guide Factsheets and Brochures

Sexual Misconduct Training Resources

The Job Corps Community website (within Citrix) has a new site that provides training, tools, and resources to build and sustain a Positive Center Culture. (See JCDC Notice 22-151 Positive Center Culture Resources)
  • Positive Center Culture
  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Resources
    This curriculum provides Job Corps with evidence-based training components designed to prevent sexual misconduct and promote consent for safe center living. It contains training materials suitable for students and all staff, including specialized information for those staff responsible for conducting in-person student trainings.​​​

Web Resources

Provides a basic overview of sexual violence.
Provides articles, publications, data sources, and prevention resources for Teen Dating Violence.
Provides general and scientific information and additional resources.
Provides information on SARTs, developing a SART, innovative practices, and tools.
Provides resources and handouts for observing Sexual Assault Awareness Month annually.
Operates a national hotline, (800) 656-HOPE, for survivors of sexual assault. Provides downloadable handouts, toolkits, infocards and postcards.