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Here, you will find guidance specific to your role at your center.​

What to Do
HEALS Committee Members Learn who does what. Prioritize activities. Plan how to educate students. Learn tips to work with students. Create a culture that embraces wellness. Evaluate your center's program.
Center Director Learn how to select the right people for the HEALS Committee.
Health and Wellness Staff Download a sample intake form and tips for working with students. Explore BMI. View the Weight Management and Orientation curricula. Learn how oral health staff can help.
Food Service Staff View the Job Corps Food and Nutrition website and the Cooking 101 Curriculum.
Recreation Staff View the Physical Education Class Curriculum. Download a sample program self-assessment. Check out tips sheets on making physical activity fun, safety, and more!
Oral Health Staff Learn how diet affects dental health and print a brochure to share with students.
Social Development/Instructors View curricula for use in dormitories, classrooms, and learn how to teach students to advocate for healthy choices. Read about techniques to create a cultural shift.
Center Mental Health Consultant/TEAP Specialist Learn about weight bias, the correlation between depression and obesity, binge eating disorder, and food addiction. View the Foods and Moods curriculum.
All Other Staff Browse the entire program and all material. Everyone has a part to play!