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As a member of the Healthy Eating and Active LifeStyles (HEALS) Committee, you are responsible for the overall implementation and evaluation of the program. This includes collaborating with each other and with center staff to meet PRH requirements, foster a culture that supports healthy eating and active lifestyles, and evaluating and improving upon your center's program. Begin with the following steps:

Step What to ​Do
Step 1
Start with yourself.
Review the policy, the tools provide​d for your role, the staff training schedule, and tips to foster an environment that embraces healthy eating and physical activity. Decide what you will "bring to the table."
Step 2
Schedule your first committee meeting.
Step 3
At your first committee meeting:
  1. Assess current activities on center using the Healthy Eating and Active LifeStyles Implementation Self Assessment or Making the Grade. Use this to determine priorities. The Healthy Eating and Active LifeStyles Implementation Self Assessment is a much shorter form. Making the Grade is longer, but it will provide you will more detailed information.
  2. Review PRH requirements as a group. Delegate responsibilities and develop a timeline.
  3. Schedule your second meeting. It is recommended that committee meetings are held monthly or bimonthly. It will be more helpful to meet more frequently during the program launch, especially if you do not currently have a nutrition, exercise, or weight management program. See the Healthy Eating and Active LifeStyles Implementation Self Assessment for additional guidance.
Step 4
At subsequent meetings:
  1. Assess center culture and develop a plan to make healthy eating and active lifestyles part of the culture. Use the Assessing Center Culture worksheet to get started, review the tools provided, and formulate your plan.
  2. Determine a feedback and referral system. Students' first experience with this program will probably be at their cursory examination. Students will complete an intake form and speak with a nurse and/or center physician. After this brief initial meeting, they will want to learn more about recreation, food service options, and clubs. How will you collaborate to offer students the services that they need?
  3. Update progress on PRH requirement implementation as needed.
  4. Respond to National Office data requests.
Step 5
Implement changes that support new PRH requirements.
Step 6
Hold a kick-off event if you have not done so already.
Make it fun. This should be a positive experience for students.
Step 7
Evaluate your program.
Determine what is working, what is not, and make changes accordingly (see the Evaluating Your Program section). If you think your center has what it takes, apply for Grade A Status.