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When students arrive on center, the health and wellness staff members are among the first people they meet. As the most important team in overall student health, there are so many ways you can get involved. Here's how to get started:​​

StepWhat to Do
Step 1
Administer ​​an intake questionnaire.
When students first visit the health and wellness center for their cursory examination, use the Healthy Eating and Active LifeStyles Questionnaire to determine their needs. To help you interpret this intake questionnaire and begin an initial conversation with students, we have provided a guide entitled Working 1:1 with Students. This guide will help you identify both physical and mental health issues surrounding diet and body image and provide initial counseling for students.
Step 2
Use the Obesity Chro​nic Care Management Plan​ to help obese students.
Step 3
Check out the BMI and Waist Circumference Considerations tip sheet to learn about individual and cultural considerations surrounding BMI.
Step 4
View components for the TEAP specialist/CMHC and oral health staff. Determine how your team can collaborate.
Step 5
Review the student education curriculum. Various parts of the curriculum, including Weight Management and Orientation to Center Life can help you expand your role with this program.