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We have provided several tools for continuous quality improvement of the Healthy Eating and Active LifeStyles program. Taking the following steps will give us the feedback necessary to make the program effective and appropriate for your students and center.

Step What t​​o Do
Step 1
Complete Making the Grade at 6-month intervals.
Making the Grade is a questionnaire about what you are currently doing on center to support healthy eating and active lifestyles. Making the Grade serves several purposes:
  • Making the Grade will help you to identify areas for improvement at your center and prioritize changes. Prioritize the areas where you score the lowest.
  • Any center that receives a 90% or better on Making the Grade will receive Grade-A Center status. Grade-A Center status is a distinction for a job well done. If you score a 90% or better on Making the Grade, submit it by email to Julie Luht at

You will receive a reminder when it is time to complete Making the Grade.

Step 2
Enter student's height, weight, and waist circumference in ClS.
Step 3
See what your students think.
Students are an integral part of your program. Use the Student Program Evaluation to see how your program is doing and plan changes accordingly.
Step 4
Tell us what could be better.
Use the Toolkit Feedback form to give us feedback. Let us know what works, what does not work, and how we can help you better.