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​Here are some steps you should take to serve healthier, more nutritious food that students will enjoy.

What to Do
Step 1
Review Meal Service PRH changes.
Step 2
Plan how to implement these changes.
Step 3
Review the Food and Nutrition website. The Food and Nutrition website will help you serve budget-friendly healthy food and keep your students happy. On this website, you will find:
  • Tips to plan healthy meals
  • Ways to offer nutrition-friendly snacks and vending machine options
  • Resources to "go green" with instructional gardens
  • Information on vegetarian diets
  • Food safety information
  • A section on creating an inviting dining environment
  • Strategies for food service management, purchasing, and cost control
  • Information on soliciting student input to plan food that is appropriate to all cultures, lifestyles, and tastes
  • Tips to promote healthy foods on center
  • Information on alternatives to purchasing food such as center gardens
  • Nutrition education resources
  • Advice on functioning as a team with staff, students, and community resources
Step 4
If you would like to get involved in educating students, check out the Cooking 101 curriculum.

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