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This page provides guidance to centers in developing a family planning program that incorporates prevention, education, and counseling, as well as clinical care for pregnant students.





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    To print only the pregnancy forms open the above file and print pages 13-17.
    Release Date: July 2020
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Web Resources


 Web Resources

Provides information on clinical care and research; practice management; policy and advocacy; and news and publications.
Provides information on programs, activities, policy statements, practice guidelines, publications, and other child health resources.
Provides information on advocacy, education, meetings, practice management, and publications.
Provides answers about sexual orientation and homosexuality by the American Psychological Association.
Provides statistics, definitions, and links on STDs, including a "how to use a condom" section.
Provides general information; data and statistics; science-based stragies; and national, state, and local programs.
Helps public health and healthcare professionals stay informed about quality trainings from CDC, other federal agencies, and federally funded partners.
Provides information on unintended pregnancy; safe motherhood; women's reproductive health; infant health; men's reproductive health; surveillance and research; racial and ethnic minorities; and scientific and technical assistance; and reproductive health information publications.
Provides treatments guidelines in Web, print, and PDA formats.
Provides materials, education tools, and information to support STD awareness and prevention activities.
Conducts research, policy analysis, technical assistance, and advocacy on issues related to economic security and family stability for low-income parents, children, and youth.
Provides health information, health care, and programs/services designed to educate teen girls and young women.
Provides access to print and electronic publications and Web sites regarding adoption.
Advocates for Youth and the American Sexual Health Association launched a new initiative, titled Condomology, that aims to ensure that people have fact-based information about condoms in an understandable format. Health professionals, educators, and consumers can access factsheets, posters, videos, and other resources about condoms.
Provides information about emergency contraception and other reproductive health choices.
Provides a handout on effective use of contraceptives. This handout can be given to students or displayed in the examination rooms.
Issued by the Urban Institute, this report provides information on program models, the sexual relationships of teenage males, and the role of teenage fathers.
Printable PDF document that addresses the role of boys and young men in teen pregnancy.
Provides information about diagnosis/symptoms, research, and statistics.
Provides information on fatherhood resources and programs.
Provides information on welfare reform, approaches to teen pregnancy, community activities, and national and state data on teen pregnancy.
Provides free educational materials on abstinence, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS), and other reproductive health and family planning topics. Many topics are available in both English and Spanish.
A directory of the Regional Health Administrator and Regional Program Consultants in each of the 10 Public Health Service regions.
Provides youth, parents, and teachers with up-to-date information about STDs and effective strategies for prevention. Also includes facts about STDs, answers to frequently asked questions, links to additional resources, games, and much more.
Provides reproductive and complimentary health services, advocates public policies, provides educational programs, and promotes research and the advancement of technology in reproductive health care.
Provides sexual health information and resources for teens.
Provides information about the Baby Think It Over dolls and products.
Provides resources for health care providers and reproductive health trainers.
Provides information on programs to assist teens in changing their sexual behavior, effective practices and resources, and current research on pregnancy prevention.
Provides sexual health information and resources for college students.
Provides information on education, research, clinical services, and advocacy activities.
Provides teens and families up-to-date health information.
Provides information on sexual activity, contraceptive use, STDs, and pregnancy.
Provides statistics on unplanned and teen pregnancy and birth; information on recent trends in pregnancy, sexual activity, and contraceptive use among teens and young adults.
Provides a comprehensive guide to state and federal breastfeeding laws.



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