​There are some quick and easy tests to help students learn their current level of fitness. The President's Challenge Adult Fitness Test is a great way to help students estimate their level of aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Students can then track their progress on The President's Challenge​ website as they become more physically fit.

Information on each test and an instructional booklet is available on The President's Challenge Adult Fitness Test website. Be sure to read the instruction booklet, especially the safety alerts, before starting. When a student is ready for their fitness assessment, enter the data from the fitness tests online and receive a report automatically.

After the student finishes the assessment, review the results with them and develop a plan for improvement together. Suggestions for improvement are offered in each fitness area on bottom of the results page.

Print two copies of the results; give one to the student and keep one in the recreation center.​

Note: If a student is under 18 years old, enter 18 for their age.