​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The focus of the Health and Wellness program must be on providing quality basic health services and maintaining the safety of students and staff. Medications are an essential part of the Health and Wellness program and should be handled in a safe, secure manner both within and outside the Health and Wellness Center (HWC). Medication management must comply with all Federal laws and state laws for where the center is located. Pharmacy laws vary widely between states, so practices will vary between states and regions.

Job Corps requires students to have access to prescription medications per PRH Chapter 2, Section 2.3. Students should also have access to basic medical coverage, which includes OTC medications for minor illnesses or injuries as outlined in Exhibit 2-4, Basic Health Services Responsibilities.

PRH Chapter 2, Section 2.3 Health Services, R14. Medication Management includes the management of all medications on center. The Medication Management section, including Appendix 203, includes policies and guidelines for the management of prescribed controlled substances, prescribed non-controlled medications, and OTC medications. This section has been expanded to further safeguard medication safety on center and compliance with Federal and state pharmacy laws.

Medication Management Standard Operating Procedures

Policies have been updated to require SOPs for the management of medications on center, which include: 1) prescribed non-controlled medications, 2) prescribed controlled substances, and 3) OTC medications. The newly required SOPs in Exhibit 5-1 will outline how medications are managed on center during HWC operating hours and after business hours during nights and weekends.

As medication management on center depends greatly on state laws, the SOPs should be individualized to meet the needs on center. There are three SOP templates that centers may use as models. The medication management SOPs should include policies and practices that prioritize safety for students and staff. The medication management SOPs must address and comply with all state and Federal laws on medication management, including, but not limited to: administration of medicine, dispensing, observation by unlicensed staff of doses taken, packaging, storage, purchasing, disposal, and record keeping.

The SOPs should include how medications are handled outside of the HWC and when the HWC is closed. There are four template forms that centers may use to track medication administration and observation inside and outside the HWC. Centers may develop their own forms, but the information captured in each of the template forms should be placed in the Student Health Record.

It is recommended that each center consult a pharmacist or the pharmacy board to ensure that the practices outlined in its SOPs comply with all state and Federal laws.​​

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