Alcohol & Other Drugs of Abuse

Alcohol and other drug use is a severe problem confronting our society, and our youth in particular. Over the years, Job Corps has recognized the problem as a crisis and responded with appropriate interventions within its principal mission of education and vocational training.

This section provides resources and strategies to assist center staff in responding to the most common substance use and abuse issues on center.




Policy & Directives

Job Corps Policy


Job Corps Directives and Data Center Notices

PRH Change Notices/PRH Change Notices

Job Corps Data Center Notice

Information Notices

Program Instructions


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Forms & Documents

New TEAP Specialist Orientation


Applicant File Review

Career Phases Templates

TEAP Intervention Period Templates
Relapse Prevention Templates





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​Web Resources


 Web Resources

Provides information and resources for teens including the latest news, drug facts, and Share Your Stories.
Provides information for teenagers coping with the problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend.
Provides supportive services for coping with alcoholism.
Provides general information, data & statistics, and science-based strategies.
Provides information about drug policy, drug information, drug prevention, and publications.
Provides information for families that have been adversely affected by another person's use of drugs, alcohol, or related behavioral problems.
Provides products and resources on addiction treatment, education, and recovery support.
Provides awareness activities, curriculum and resources for Overdose Awareness.
Provides information about underage drinking, activism, statistics, and resources.
Provide supportive services for addiction.
Provides information on alcohol abuse and alcoholism, common drugs, drug testing, prevention resources, treatment resources, and trends/statistics.
Provides drug facts, videos and games, and blog posts and more.
Provides information about community events, recovery month kit, multimedia (audio and video podcasts), publications and ordering, and Web resources.
Distributes educational campaigns all forms of media, including TV, radio, Internet, and print advertisements.
Provides information on intervention, self-assessment, education, and treatment.
Theory-based and evidence-informed resources created by educators, parents, and researchers aimed at preventing middle and high school students’ use of cannabis/marijuana.
Provides up-to-date information about the latest trends and research on vaping devices, products, flavors and health effects.
Provides information on prevention, treatment, and rehabiliation services resulting from substance abuse and mental illness.


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