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​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This section archives Job Corps health and wellness webinars for the following calendar years.

Health Staff Orientations

Staff​ ​Trainings ​Purpose
Health & Wellness Director

HWD Orientation Part 1: Student Services

HWD Orientation Part 2: Student Support Services

HWD Orientation Part 3: Managing and Administration

​Part 1 ​covers Medical, Oral Health, and Mental Health Requirements for services provided to Job Corps students.

Part 2 cov​ers Student Support Services for students and includes TEAP, TUPP, Family Planning, HEALs, and other services and policies.

Part 3 covers guidance on Administrative Requirement and Policies on managing a successful Wellness program to support students.

​Center Physician
Center Physician Orientation
This webinar provides an orientation to the role of Center Physician on Job Corps centers. Physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants and encouraged to attend.
Center Mental Health Consultant​

​CMHC Orientation Part 1: Overview of PRH Requirements​ ​(U​pdated March 2024)​

  • Part 1 slides with ​audio (updated link coming soon)

CMHC Orientation Part 2: Medical Separations and Applicant File Review​ (Updated April 2023)

Part 1 provides an overview of the mental health program and an outline of CMHC responsibilities.

Part 2 explores medical separations/MSWRs and applicant file review.

TEAP Specialists​​

TEAP Specia​list Orientation​

​This webinar covers an introduction to TEAP program, the ePRH, the education component of the TEAP program, drug testing, TEAP intervention services, MSWRs, and applicant file review.

​Oral Health Staff Oral Health Personnel Orientation (Updated July 2023)
​This webinar will p​rovide an overview of the Job Corps oral health program for new oral health personnel.

Calen​dar 2024​

Webinar Date(s)
Title​ ​Purpose/Description
​April 9 & 11, 2024
​TEAP Trends: Retaining Students, Relapse Prevention and Delta-8 THC
​The addiction field is an ever-changing field with new drug trends happening each day. Stay up to date with resources and websites.
​April 9 & 10, 2024
Mitigating Oral Cancer Risk Factors: Leveraging an Interdisciplinary Approach and Behavior Modification for Young Adult Health
​This webinar will explore smoking, vaping, and excessive drinking, and their profound impact on oral cancer. Effective use of routine oral cancer screenings for early detection and behavior change strategies grounded in the transtheoretical model will be explored.
​March 28, 2024
​Diabetes Update
​This webinar will provide an updates on managing diabetes in the Job Corps population.
​March 20 & 21, 2024
​Hot Topics on Suspicious Screening for Drugs
​This training will provide instruction on when and how to screen a student suspected of impairment because of active drug use. We will discuss this process considering the changes in the ZT policy related to the determination of active/current use of THC after arrival on center.

March 19 & 20, 2024
​Management of Chronic Health Conditions: How Can We Make Healthy Behaviors Easy?
​This webinar will explore the complex factors that influence our daily health “decisions.” It will consider how much “choice” we have in our health behaviors. Job Corps centers can shape the environment to make healthy behaviors easy or difficult. When the environment supports healthier behaviors, student health will improve.
​March 11 & 12, 2024
​Team Building in Health and Wellness
​​The purpose of this training is to build an effective, multidisciplinary team within the health and wellness department, resulting in quality healthcare for students.
​March 6 &​ 12, 2024

​Supporting Students Experiencing Psychosis
​​This webinar will provide an overview of psychosis, including symptoms, presentations, and causes. Attendees will learn how to use the L.E.A.P. method to communicate with and support Job Corps students who are experiencing psychosis.
​​February 7, 12 & 16
January 18 & 22, 2024
ZT Policy Training for Center Staff
​This webinar will provide training on the new Zero Tolerance (ZT) Policy for all center staff.
​February 13 & 15, 2024
​Networking with Community Partners
​​This webinar will focus on locating community partners in the substance use arena, including community health departments, addiction support groups, public speakers, and law enforcement organizations. Strategies to cultivate partnerships will be explored.
​January 17 & 18, 2024
​Dental Readiness Inspection Training​
​This webinar will provide training on the Dental Readiness Inspection including the technique, documentation requirements, the ora​l examination consent/refusal process, and motivating communication messages to the students.

Calen​dar 2023​

Webin​a​r Date(s) Ti​​tle Purpose/Description
​October 26, 2023
​This webinar will review strategies for preventing students from relapsing on drugs or alcohol, including evidence-based techniques and practical strategies.
​October 11 & 31, 2023
​Presentation and Management of Oral Health Issues in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
​This webinar is designed to help oral health personnel to understand how to accommodate and provide oral care to students who have ASD diagnoses in a way that achieves the best oral health outcomes possible. Properly preparing students with ASD for oral health visits will help alleviate anxiety and increase cooperation.
​Septe​mber 20 & 21, 2023
​Nursing Ethics
​This webinar will provide an overview of ethics and boundaries for Job Corps nurses.
​September 12, 2023​

Job Stress! Teaching Students Coping Strategies

Handouts are available in English and Spanish.
​This webinar will present a group-based training program that reduces job stress by teaching students to prepare for common workplace challenges, cope more effectively with emotions, and strengthen communication and assertiveness skills. This webinar is designed for staff (counselors, residential staff, CMHCs, so forth) who want to learn basic interventions to use with ind​​​ividual students or (ideally) groups of students to better prepare them for common workplace stressors.​
​August 23 & 24, 2023

Suicide Prevention: Spotlight on Peer Education​
​​This presentation will provide suicide prevention strategies to employ in Job Corps.
​August 15 & 17, 202​3
Let's Look at In​tervention​
​This webinar will explore basic intervention requirements and best practices in addressing drug and alcohol use when a student tests positive for drugs, requests services, or discloses drug or alcohol use.
​​August 8 & 9, 2023

​Dental Unit Waterline (DUWL) Quality
​This webinar will focus on the DUWL Standard Operating Procedure template that OHWPs can customize to their dental facilities.
​July 13 & 14, 2023

​MSWR: Probing the Policy Changes
​This training will provide an overview of the Medical Separation with Reinstatement (MSWR) policy in Job Corps.
​July 11 & 12, 20​23
Suspicion Testing and Employability​
​This training will provide instruction on when and how to screen a student who is suspected of drug use. The trainer will walk participants th​rough the process, including documentation and necessary counseling. The webinar will introduce components of drug testing in an employment setting and will provide strategies to train students on the linkage between drug testing and employability.
​June 9 & 13, 2023
​Program Update Q&A: COVID and Opioids
​​This webinar will provide a brief overview and Q&A of PIN 22-16 Responding to Opioid Overdose in Job Corps, PIN 22-17 Ending of COVID State of Emergency and Updating Job Corps Procedures, and the Emergency Action Plan.
​May 23 & 25, 2023

Previous presentations: ​February 23, 2022, October 13, 2021, August 12, 2021, June 9, 2021, February 10, 2021, and January 21, 2021​
​​Applicant File Review for CMHCs​​​
​​​This webinar for CMHCs only will provide an overview of the Applicant File Review (AFR) process and considerations for making recommendations of denial.​​
​May 17 & 18, 2023
​We are Better Together: Interdisciplinary Health and Wellness Case Studies
​​This webinar will showcase case studies encompassing medical, mental health, substance use, and oral health issues, highlighting an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare in Job Corps.
​April 11 & 12, 2023
​This webinar will assist TEAP specialists to understand the Medical Separation With Reinstatement (MSWR) process when concerns arise about addiction-related issues that may pose a barrier to Job Corps training. We will be focusing on PRH, 2.3 R5 for guidance and then incorporate other recent policy changes.​
​April 12, 2023

Previous presentations: February 2, 2022, August 20, 2020
​Preventing Medication Errors: Part 2
​This two-part webinar will provide an in-depth overview of medication management in Job Corps, including polices and promising practices.
​March 29, 2023

Previous presentations: January 26, 2022, August 11, 2020
​Preventing Medication Errors: Part 1
​​This two-part webinar will provide an in-depth overview of medication management in Job Corps, including polices and promising practices.
​March 14 & 16, 2023

​Reproductive Health and Job Corps
​This webinar will Job Corps Health and Wellness Center staff with and overview of contraceptives and reproductive health options.
​February 14 & 16, 2023
​Relapse Pr​evention in Job Corps
​This webinar will review strategies for preventing students from relapsing on drugs or alcohol.
​February 9 & 15, 2023
​Mental Health Applicant File Review (AFR) Overview
​This webinar describes the possbile outcomes for a Job Corps application and the AFR process at the center level.
​January 11, 2023
​The Link Between Oral Health and Chronic Conditions
​​This webinar describes the three most common oral diseases, link between oral health and the risk, prevalence, and management of at least three chronic medical conditions, and strategies to incorporate oral care and maintenance as part of the patient/client Plan of Care.

Calendar 2022

​​ ​​
Webin​a​r Date(s) Ti​​tle Purpose/Description
​December 15 & 16, 2022
Medical Separations and DTAs Detailed Training
​This webinar provides a detailed review of direct threat and medical separations with reinstatement processes.​
​December 12, 13, & 14, 2022
​​Medical Separations, DTAs, and Disability Discrimination​ Overview Training
This webinar provides a general overview of direct threat and medical separations with reinstatement processes, and avoiding disability-related discrimination.
​December 6, 7, 8, & 9, 2022
Change Notice 22-02 Health Services and Disabilities PRH Updates​This webinar provides an overview of all the health and disabilities changes under PRH Change Notice 22-02.​
​November 10, 2022
TEAP Collaboration: TEAP is a Program Not a Person
This presentation focuses on the importance of collaboration between TEAP and other departments. It will expand participants’ understanding of TEAP as a center-wide program. Participants will learn how to develop partnerships with other programs at Job Corps and how to implement strategies to enhance these alliances.
​October 18, 2022

Clinical Review of School Disability Documents for Applicant File Review (AFR)
​This webinar will provide an overview of sources of information for Job Corps Center Mental Health Consultants to use during the applicant file review process, including Individual Education Programs (IEPs) and Section 504 plans.
​October 4, 2022
​COVID-19: Where are we now?
​This webinar will provide all center staff with COVID-19-related reminders, updates, and FAQs.
​October 4, 2022
​Fentanyl and Your Safety
​Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic drug that is similar to morphine and heroin, but is 50 to 100 times more potent. Fentanyl and its analogs, such as carfentanil, can pose a potential hazard to Job Corps Students and staff who could come into contact with these drugs through the course of their work day. This webinar will discusses Fentanyl and the safety steps you can take against exposure.
​September 26, 2​022
​Using Social Media to Engage Students in Promoting Positive Mental Health

Using Social Media to Promote Mental Health​​
This panel presentation from Job Corps CMHCs will provide a discussion on using technology to engage our students.
​September 20 & 21, 2022
​Updating Your Cannabis Knowledge
​This webinar will provide an update on cannabis, including changes since state-based legalization occurred and current trends.
​September 12, 2022

Measures to Keep ​Light Curing Safe and Effective
​The ability to easily and effectively cure polymer-based restorative materials using light energy has revolutionized the field of dentistry over the past 50 years. Clinical performance of light-cured composite restorations is greatly influenced by the quality of the curing light. Light cure units​ that polymerize direct and indirect restorations, sealants and bond orthodontic brackets are an essential component of modern dentistry. Despite these benefits, the intense blue light that light cure units emit can cause soft-tissue burns and eye damage.
​September 12, 2022
​​Suicide Prevention via Developing Healthy Communication, Interaction and Selves
​September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This webinar will provide an overview of suicide prevention strategies in Job Corps.
​September 7, 2022
​Making Mental Health Groups Work in Job Corps​​
​This webinar will highlight effective mental health groups in Job Corps. Three Center Mental Health Consultants will share promising practices and lessons learned.
August 30 & September 1, 2022
Supporting Non-Resident Students with TEAP Involvement
​​This webinar will provide tools to support non-residential students while in the TEAP program.
​August 16 & 17, 2022
Identifying and Responding to Monkeypox (MPV)
​This webinar will provide the latest information on the recognition, spread, and management of monkeypox viral (MPV) infection. Additionally, mental health supports and strategies to reduce stigma will be addressed.
June 28, 2022
Vaping and eCigarettes​​​This webinar will provide an overview of prevalence, patterns of use, and consequences of vaping in youth.​​
​June 22, 2022Cultural Competence and Humility​
​​This webinar will develop an understanding of cultural competence and cultural humility and how to practice these principles in Job Corps.​​
​June 14, 2022 ​Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) in Dentistry​​This webinar will showcase the different uses of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF). Jessica Johnson, RDH will share evidence-based research to understand the recommended protocol, uses, and application to treat patients that are moderate to high risk for dental caries. ​
​June 1, 2022 ​Ethical Decision Making for Nurses in Job Corps​​This webinar will provide an overview of ethics and boundaries for Job Corps nurses.​
​May 19, 2022 The ABCDEs of Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer​This webinar will provide an overview of the types and symptoms of skin cancer and educational resources for skin cancer prevention. Chris Kuhn, a melanoma survivor, will discuss his case and provide suggestions for skin cancer prevention in Job Corps.​
​March 23, ​2022 Evidence-Based Mental Health Assessment Tools​
​This webinar will provide an overview of evidence-based mental health assessment tools for CMHCs.
​March 17​, 2022Masks and Masking for Oral Health Personnel​​​This webinar will provide information on CDC mask updates and the current Job Corps masking policy.​
March 2 & 3, 2022 ​COVID-19 Update​​​This webinar will provide all center staff with COVID-19 related reminders, updates, and FAQs.
​February 16, 2022​Medication Assisted Treatment with Buprenorphine—Oral Health Risks and their Management​ This webinar will review the oral health risks and management of Buprenorphine.​
February 3, 2022

Previous presentations: July 8 & 9, 2020
Creating a Successful Family Planning Program in Job Corps​
​This webinar will explore how to create a successful family planning program on center.
January 5, 2022

Implementing a Trauma Informed Approach (TIA) at Job Corps​

​This webinar will outline what a Trauma-Informed Approach is and its importance for building resilience and describe how to begin to implement a Trauma-Informed Approach at Job Corps.​

Calendar 2021

Webin​a​r Date(s) Titl​​e Purpose/Description
​November 16 & 17, 2021​

Previous presentations: April 6 & 8, 2021
New Uses for Formalized Assessment Measures for All TEAP Specialists​This webinar will discuss the importance of using formalized assessment measures such as the DAST and the MAST as part of the TEAP Specialist’s assessment process.
​Nove​mber 17, 2021Oral Health Protocol​​​This webinar will provide an overview of the Job Corps oral health protocol to ensure oral health services are safely delivered during COVID-19.​​
November 10, 2021

Previous presentations: ​June 16, 2021​
​HEALs Ingredients for a Succesful Program​This webinar will review the PRH requirements and outline the HEALs committee members' responsibilities to begin building a solid foundation for a successful program.
​October 26 & 27, 2021TEAP Documentation​​This webinar focuses on the steps required for high quality documentation.
​October 19, 2021 Mental Health Documentation: Everything You Wanted to Know (and More!)​

Streaming link​

Down​load link
This webinar will provide the nuts and bolts of how to ensure your documentation in different areas—assessment, treatment, case management, promotion/education and consultation/coordination—meets the Policy and Requirement Handbook (PRH) standards.
​O​ctober 13, 2021 Asthma Treatment Guidelines Update

This webinar will provide an overview of asthma symptoms and management in the Job Corps program in line with the Asthma Treatment Guidelines.

​September 30, 2021 Suicide Prevention: A Continuing Priority!

​This webinar will explore the recent increases in suicides among youth, the impact of COVID-19, and how Job Corps centers can create an opportunity for suicide prevention.

​September 29 & 30, 2021

Previous presentations: March 30 & April 1, 2021​
​​Clinical Review of School Disability Documents for Applicant File Review (AFR)​
​This webinar will provide an overview of sources of information for CMHCs to use during file review, including IEPs and Section 504 plans.​
​September 21, 2021 ​Ethics, Boundaries and Documentation in TEAP​​Ethics guide our practice as TEAP specialists. This webinar will focus on reviewing the core ethical principles that TEAP specialists need to know and implement. We will be reviewing confidentiality within Job Corps as well as the updated 42 CFR Part 2.

​September 14, 2021Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Treatment GuidelinesThis webinar will provide an overview of CDC’s new sexually transmitted infection (STI) treatment guidelines for healthcare providers.
August 26, 2021 Surviving Intense Emotions - Distress Tolerance: Helping Students and Staff Cope with Overwhelming Emotions
This webinar will focus on practical and concrete ways to build distress tolerance and emotion regulation skills. We'll explore methods to help students (and ourselves) survive crises without making them worse and ways to better understand and regulate emotions. This is a basic primer for all: No experience with DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) is necessary!
​August 9, 2021 ​COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics: Trust But Definitely Verify!This webinar will cover information about SARS-CoV-2, recent information about the variants, and ways to connect with youth to promote vaccine confidence.
​July 27, 2021 Working with Students During Frustrating TimesThe COVID-19 restrictions have taken a serious toll on the mental health of many, if not most, Americans. As the pandemic has worn on for more than a year, the burden of the COVID-19 restrictions on Job Corps center has weighed heavily on both students who have been on center and staff. This webinar will present communication strategies to improve relationships between Job Corps students and staff and promote student retention.
​July 20 & 22, 2021​ ​Hot Topics in MarijuanaThis webinar will focus on two topics related to marijuana, including the emerging debate regarding Delta 8 THC versus Delta 9 THC and methods to enhance motivation for students from states where marijuana is legal.
June 15 & 17, 2021​

​​Trauma Informed Care and TEAP​This webinar will provide a deep dive into trauma and the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) survey, including prevalence of traumatic experiences and negative outcomes associated with trauma. The training then segues into an evidence-based discussion on utilizing a trauma-informed approach to substance abuse counseling, including making the connection between trauma, addiction and healing strategies, cultural humility, and counseling techniques.
​June 8 & 10, 2021 ​Let's Talk About the COVID-19 Vaccines​This webinar will cover information about COVID-19 vaccines and strategies to overcome hesitancy in taking the vaccine.
May 4 & 6, 2021

​​COVID-19 Update

This webinar will provide all center staff with COVID-19-related reminders, updates, and FAQs.
​April 20 & 22, 2021Hot Topics in TEAP: Kratom, TUPP and VapingThis webinar will provide the most up-to-date information on various TEAP-related topics, include Kratom, TUPP, and vaping.
​March 17 & 18, 2021 ​COVID-19 Contact Tracing in Job Corps ​This webinar will provide an overview of contact tracing in Job Corps, including defining close contacts and interview strategies when talking with close contacts.
​March 3 & 4, 2021 Developing COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence
​This webinar will cover information about COVID-19 vaccines and strategies to overcome hesitancy in taking the vaccine.
​February 10, 2021 ​Oral Care Beyond the Chair: Teledentistry STRATEGIES for Whole-person Care​This webinar will introduce participants to teledentistry as well as engage providers in discussion on how teledentistry can be used to reach their patient population to engage them in emergency and preventive services during the pandemic.
​February 2 & 4, 2021 ​Wear Your Darn Mask: Changing COVID Behavior​This webinar will cover behavioral strategies to keep yourself, your coworkers, and your students healthy and COVID-free. We will cover what to do if your coworker refuses to wear a mask, how to handle it if your boss calls an in-person meeting, and more!
January 19, 21, 27 & 29, 2021This webinar will provide all center staff with COVID-19-related reminders, updates, and FAQs. Ample time for discussion will be provided. After this presentation, participants will be able to:
  • Define a COVID-19 outbreak on center
  • Identify ways to reduce risk of your center requiring lock down to halt an outbreak

Calendar 2020

Webinar Date(s) Title Purpose/Description
​December 15, 2020 ​Working Together: Suicide Awareness and Prevention in the time of COVID-19This webinar will explore the recent increases in suicides among youth, the impa​ct of COVID-19, and how Job Corps centers can create an opportunity for suicide prevention.
​November 17 & 19, 2020 ​Respo​nding to Positive COVID-19 Cases​Learn how to react to a positive COVID-19 case on Job Corps centers, including reporting requirements, contact tracing, quarantine and isolation.

November 17, 2020
October 13 & 14, 2020

Symptomatic Management Guidelines, Isolation, and Quarantine for COVID-19
​This webinar will provide an overview of COVID-19 Symptomatic Management Guidelines, and quarantine, and isolation protocols for residential living/dormitory staff.
​November 13, 2020Trauma Informed Strategies for Day-to-Day Student Interactions (slides with audio) This webinar will provide trauma-informed intervention strategies through case studies. Common challenges when working with students will be explored.
​November 10 & 12, 2020

​COVID-19: Making Sense of the Guidelines

Wonder why a quarantine from COVID is 14 days? Or why someone with a positive COVID test is isolated for 10 days? Why are outdoors safer than indoors? Learn this and more on the science behind COVID overview.
​November 6 & 9, 2020
Using Google Forms

The Office of Job Corps created two new tools to help center staff track and monitor COVID-19 symptoms of students and staff, and emotional wellness of students in quarantine or isolation.

  • The COVID-19 Daily Symptom Tracker and Attestation form is for staff and students who will be on center to use to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Job Corps requires that staff and students complete this form every day when they are on center.
  • The Daily Emotional Wellness Checklist is a screening measure for identifying emotional health concerns during a 14-day quarantine period or when a student is in isolation on center. Each student in quarantine or isolation should complete the checklist each morning.
This webinar on provide an overview of the forms and guidance on creating them with Google Forms.
​Octobber 22, 2020

Healthy Personal & Professional Boundaries (slides with audio)

Hanodout: Boundaries

Navigating healthy boundaries with Job Corps students can be tricky at times. In this workshop, you'll learn what healthy personal and professional boundaries are, why you and your students need them, and how to cultivate healthy boundaries on center. This workshop will provide a safe space for you to look at your current practices, and the support you need to make adjustments. Small changes could decrease your stress and increase the joy you experience at work.
​October 15, 2020

​Medical, Mental Health, TEAP, and Oral Health COVID-19 Protocols: Overview and Scenarios

​This webinar will provide an overview of COVID-19 Medical, Mental Health, TEAP, and Oral Health Protocols, primarily for Health and Wellness Staff.
​S​​eptember 15 & 16, 2020 ​New Uses for Formalized Assessment Measures for All TEAP SpecialistsThis webinar will discuss the importance of using formalized assessment measures such as the DAST and the MAST as part of this assessment process.
​September 2 & 10, 2020

Trauma-Informed and Resilience Oriented Approach Part 1 and 2

This training teaches participants about stress, distress and trauma and its prevalence and impact – all critical information needed for supporting Job Corps students during these challenging times.
​August 19, 2020Preventing STIs in Job CorpsThis webinar will provide an update on STIs and outline prevention best practices.
​Aguust 11, 2020Dental Aerosol ContainmentThis webinar trains oral health personnel on Job Corps Aerosol Containment Engineering Controls.
​August 5, 2020

Resilience Strategies (in Spanish)

Handout: Aprendizaje Ante los Desafíos

Handout: Diario de Gratitud

​This webinar will provide an overview of concept of resilience and will provide strategies for strengthening resilience using the body, mind and heart pathways. Mindfulness exercises and techniques will be explored.​

​July 29 & 30, 2020

Implementing a Trauma-Informed Approach at Job Corps (revised August 2020)

Implementing a TIA at Job Corps (slides w/ audio)

Implementación de un Enfoque Informado del Trauma en Job Corps (Spanish version)

​This webinar will serve as a train-the-trainer for CMHCs to introduce staff at their center to Trauma Informed Care to address COVID-19. A sample presentation, tips for delivery, and a Q&A will be provided.
​July 1, 2020

Google Classroom for Mental Health (slides with audio)

Handout: Hangouts Meet Quick Start
Handout: Google Classroom: Teachers Quick Reference Guide

This presentation will review how CMHCs can set up a successful Google Classroom during virtual learning.
​June 23, 2020 ​​Reemergence of Childhood Infectious DiseasesThis webinar will provide Job Corps medical staff with an overview of reemergence of childhood infectious diseases, such as varicella and measles, including trends and recent outbreaks. With the arrival of COVID-19 and the decline in childhood immunizations, clinicians should be aware of the return of childhood infectious diseases.
​June 16 & 17, 2020 ​Health and Wellness PRH Compliance​This webinar will discuss the value of PCAs in the Health and Wellness (H&W) Department, PRH requirements, and provide a review of some common PRH compliance issues seen in H&W during assessments. The webinar will also include tips on how to ensure on-going H&W compliance.
​June 9, 2020 ​CDC Guidelines Update for Dental Setting during COVID-19 This webinar will bring participants up-to-date with the CDC guidance for dental settings. CDC’s approach is to balance the need to provide necessary services while minimizing risk to patients and dental healthcare personnel. The CDC guidelines will provide the underpinnings for the Oral Health Protocols when the Job Corps Centers reopen.
​June 2 & 4, 2020

Making Anxiety Work for You

​Anxiety is not always a bad thing. It can help us be more productive and become clearer in our goals if it is harnessed correctly. This webinar will reframe how we think about anxiety and will provide solutions to manage our own anxiety and help students manage their anxiety.
​May 27 & 29, 2020 ​Virtual Learning and Mental Health​This webinar will explore mental health-related PRH requirements that they can be implemented via the Virtual Learning model.
​May 22, 2020

​Self-Talk & Time Management in the Age of COVID-19

Handout: Self-Talk & Time Management

​The villain that often throws hurdles in our paths is not someone else. When we get stressed, it is our own self-talk that fills our brains with running commentary throughout the day on why we can't possibly knock out our to-do list and tells us how others perceive us. It is time to unmask that voice when it creeps up.
​May 19, 2020

​​Improving Employability Outcomes by Enhancing Self-Regulation for Students with Disabilities (slides and handouts)

This webinar will define self-regulation skills, outline specific strategies and resources for improving students’ self-regulation skills, and discuss how to accommodate functional limitations associated with self-regulation challenges.
​May 13 & 15, 2020Virtual Learning and TEAP​This webinar will explore TEAP-related PRH requirements that they can be implemented via the Virtual Learning model.
​May 11, 2020

Filling Up Your Tank: Resilience Strategies

Note: This is a compressed ZIP file. When clicked this file will download to your "Downloads" folder on your computer.

Filling Up your Tank: Resilience Strategies (slides w/ audio)

Handout: 3 for 3 Challenge
Handout: What I’m Learning From My Challenges
Handout: Strategies for Resilience: Apps and Websites

​This webinar will provide an overview of concept of resilience and will provide strategies for strengthening resilience using the body, mind and heart pathways. Mindfulness exercises and techniques will be explored.
​May 5 & 19, 2020

​Motivational Interviewing: Part 1 and 2

Handout: Motivational Interviewing

​This two-part webinar will provide an overview of Motivational Interviewing for use by health and wellness staff. It is recommended that staff attend both parts.
​April 30, 2020Communicating with Students in the Time of COVID-19​This webinar will provide promising practices from a Job Corps CMHC on communicating with students electronically while students are at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mental health and coping skills and communication techniques will be explored.
​April 8, 2020 Mastering the Center AFR Process: Increasing Understanding and Improving Efficiency of Applicant File Clinical Review and Reasonable Accommodation Processes​This webinar provides a detailed explanation of the steps involved in applicant file review (AFR). It includes both process and clinical review requirements and considerations, from start to finish, along with the use of real center scenarios.
​April 8 & 9, 2020

​​Well Being in the Time of COVID-19

Handout: Notification of Enforcement Discretion for Telehealth Remote Communications During the COVID-19 Nationwide Public Health Emergency

​This webinar for health staff will discuss how to help yourself and others manage anxiety about COVID-19. We will also provide recommendations for keeping staff and students healthy now and in the future and provide guidance for enhancing pandemic plans.
​April 1 & 6, 2020Communication Strategies for Conflict Prevention and De-escalation​This webinar will explore conflict resolution and de-escalation strategies.

March 30 & April 3, 2020

​TEAP: Ethics, Boundaries, and Documentation​Ethical practices are complex and multi-dimensional. This webinar will focus on the importance of sound ethical practices and boundary setting as related to the development and sustaining of a successful TEAP. This webinar will review appropriate documentation.
​March 12, 2020 ​Understanding and Addressing Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Job Corps Students
​Self-injury is intentionally hurting the body (e.g. cutting, burning etc..) but without suicidal intent. Because it often looks like a suicidal gesture it tends to evoke fear and confusion. Its very nature seems to defy deep instinctual human drives for self-preservation as well strong social taboos related to self-inflicted injury. It is, after all, quite puzzling. Why would someone choose to cut up or otherwise hurt his/her body? Why would they do this in way that looks like a suicide attempt but then insist that it actually has nothing to do with suicide at all? How do we understand this, let alone effectively respond to it?
​February 26, 2020

Ethical Decision Making for Center Mental Health Consultants in Job Corps

Handout: Ethical Principles

​Ethics-related issues can be complex and perplexing. Mental health professionals must develop a solid ethical decision-making model. This webinar will review ethics information relevant to mental health providers in the Job Corps environment along with common ethical dilemmas using valid decision-making models.
​ February 4 & 6, 2020Alcohol Detection in Job Corps​This webinar will provide tips for detecting alcohol, testing students, and referring accordingly.
January 8 & 17, 2020 Ethical Decision Making for Nurses in Job CorpsThis webinar will provide an overview of ethics and boundaries for Job Corps nurses.

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